Debunking the lies accusing the prophet (PBUH) of Pedophilia concerning his marriage with Aisha

“Debunking the lies accusing the prophet (PBUH) of Pedophilia concerning his marriage with Aisha”

By: Mohamad Massarweh


Islam haters and atheists raise very often the debate about the age of Aisha, nine years old, when Muhammad the prophet married her. They viciously accuse him of child abuse and pedophilia. But the truth is:

1- Nonbelievers and Islam opponents at that time would not have missed the opportunity to slander Islam and defame the prophet had Aisha's age was considered odd and illegal for marriage at that time, moreover there many arguments for the fact the girls got married at early ages

2- medicine defines the start of age womanhood in girls from eight to thirteen years old

3- It is already known that girls who live close to the equator mature before those in other areas

4- Fourteen centuries ago, there was on twelve obligatory school years to attend and life significantly harsher which enabled boys and girls to mature both mentally and physically faster than their peers nowadays for example, Osama ibn Zaid led the muslim army in one of the battles against the Roman Empire

5- aforementioned, girls marrying at young ages was practiced, accepted, and lasted for many centuries. Examples: countess Margaret Beaufort mother of Henry VII married at 1453 her age was 7, king Louis XII engaged Joan derby when she was 8 years and married her when got 12 years, king Edward II married Isabella of France when she was 12 years old.

6- Nowadays, in state of Massachusetts there is no minimal age of marriage as long as it done at the presence of the parents or a judge

7-It is well known that in societies of sexual freedom girls experience sex contact at age of 12 years and even less, so why it should be denounced if this was done within the frame of marriage several centuries ago!


العلم يؤكد الدين

و يكذب الصدفة و العشوائية

و يبطل الإلحاد