Quran’s scientific miracle in revealing that the source of iron is extraterrestrial

Quran’s scientific miracle in revealing that the source of iron is extraterrestrial            

By Mohamad massarweh

And We sent down iron, wherein is great military might and benefits for the people 57:25

Iron is the most abundant element consisting 35% of earth's content. Iron is formed in the core of " red giants", huge stars massive, bigger than the sun 0.3%-8% times. Inside red giant core, where temperature and pressure are enormous, chains of reactions take place starting from fusions of helium nucleuses leading to carbon formation proceeding for heavier elements terminating after iron formation. Finally red giants consume most of their helium content as chain reactions transform it to iron. At that point red giant explodes soaking the near space with rains of melted iron. According to scientific facts, while earth was being formed, clouds of melted iron went down into its core (And We sent down iron). Other sources for iron were collisions of meteors with earth. Iron is the major metal in the industry of weapons and machines and in construction of buildings and skyscrapers (wherein is great military might). Moreover, iron is vital m for all creatures it is a major component in the "hemoglobin", a blood protein that delivers oxygen from the lungs to the cells for energy production. In addition, earth's core melted iron is the source for earth's magnetic field.    The magnetic field is essential for life persistence, for it pushes away solar winds preventing them from tearing the atmosphere and burning our planet. (and benefits for the people)









العلم يؤكد الدين

و يكذب الصدفة و العشوائية

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