Quran’s scientific miracle in Revealing - The presence of cracks into the earth


Quran’s scientific miracle in 

Revealing “The presence of cracks into the earth “

By: mohamad massarweh 

Fourteen centuries ago, Quran has mentioned the earth is cracked “ And [by] the earth which cracks open “ 86:12

In the med of the 1960s , the plate -tectonic theory was affirmed and accepted in geology. It states that earth's surface ( crust ) is cracked and made  from 7-8 large plates ( tectonics )and other small ones . Crust's Thickness varies from 80 km beneath oceans to 400 Km in continents. Crust plates are dynamic they get closer or further 0-10 cm annually. Earth's plates float on the hotter , denser and  more viscous second layer " astherosphere" because of that , plates move and collide resulting in volcano eruptions , earthquakes and mountains formations both in land and  oceans floors. Cracks in earth's surface are crucial for life endurance as lava erupts out of them replenishing carbon dioxide which is essential  for absorbing solar infra red rays thus keeping stable temperatures range . Moreover, thrown lava preserve the magnetic field of earth which pushes away the solar winds preventing them from burning our planet surface.



العلم يؤكد الدين

و يكذب الصدفة و العشوائية

و يبطل الإلحاد