Quran’s scientific miracle in revealing that - mountains stabilize the earth’s surface -

 Quran’s scientific miracle in revealing that "mountains stabilize the earth’s surface " 

" and put in the earth anchors lest it shake with you " 31:10

 " And the mountains as stakes " 78:7

" And We put anchors in the earth lest it should move away with them ( people )" 21:31

By: mohamad massarweh 

Earth's surface " crust " is composed from plates " tectonics" which carry the continents and ocean basins. There are 7-8 huge tectonics and several small ones. Mantle underlies earth's surface , its temperatures range between 500 to

900 °C (932 to 1,652 °F) at the boundary with the crust, its viciousity and density are higher than earth's surface therefore the plates are floating on the mantle.

But instead of swaying like a piece of wood on water they are firm and stable awing the fact that mountains' lower hidden portions are 5-10 folds bigger than the visible portions. Archimedes principle in physics of buoyancy explains how mountains stabilize earth's surface. Roots of mountains are immersed into the mantle displacing a volume from the mantle substance as a result ,Mantle medium pushes up the mountains equally to the weight of the displaced substance by mountains' roots, thus the higher the mountains rise the deeper they thrust beneath the surface. This theory is called " Isostasy" and it is one the fundamentals of Geology.





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