Quran's scientific miracle in stating that - bees build their hives only by inspiration of God-

Quran's scientific miracle in stating that " bees build their hives only by an inspiration  from God"

By: mohamad massarweh 

" And your Lord revealed to the bee: “Take for yourself homes of the mountains, and of the trees and of whatever they trellis " 16:68.

honeybees are specialized bees; their job is to digest some honey through their 8 glands and transform it to beeswax. 

Production of the beeswax is very costly, at the best case, only one eighth of the consumed honey yields beeswax. Bees use the beeswax for building the" honeycomb", a grid of hundreds of prismatic units with hexagonal entrance sand rhombic ends. Each two adjacent honeycomb layers share the same background while their hexagonal pores are in opposing directions.

For several centuries scientists have been trying to solve the riddle for choosing this specific geometrical shape of honeycomb by the bees.

The mystery remained unsolved till 1999, Thomas Hales a mathematician proved that honeycomb geometry is the most efficient method for building \maximum equal units within a given space (hive) using the least material!

Moreover, hexagonal are super strong and load sustaining. For it was found that 100 grams of honeycomb store 4000 grams of honey, therefore architects, chemical industry, mechanics and bioengineering utilize hexagonal geometry features in their designs.

Still the researchers are puzzled by what makes the bees choose the geometry and do they do it?? Given that bees' brain is so tiny to assume processes of learning and memorizing "And your Lord revealed to the bee".





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